We are building a community to help promote blues music,
 in all its forms, to a wider audience and provide Milton Keynes 
with a not for profit club that continues to attract high quality acts.

Mark Stasiuk - 19th Feb 2023.
Sitting in the sun at the Broadstairs Blues Bash, which is a wonderful festival.....and a massive round of applause to Nigel Feist and his merry crew for putting this all together.
It's a very special event.
I get to meet up with many old mates, and get to know a few more ....and just might have a beer or two

Now, not many of you will know this, but this is where, a few short years ago, (Ed. 18th Feb 2018) Jonathan Townsend and I first stumbled across each other and from that meeting the Bletchley Blues Club was conceived. It was my first ever visit to this fabulous festival
Here you go...The Thirty Nine Steps....