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Upcoming Events

Tues 7th Feb - The Shufflepack
The poster boys for the club. Always a great night.
Out to play swinging R&B and shuffling blues. That’s proper R&B kids, not RnB, that funny stuff they do now.

What you get is a taste of 1950’s Chicago, with a bit of 1940s here and there. Which means Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, Wynonie Harris, Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters and that well know apiarist Roosevelt “Honeydripper’ Sykes. Not forgetting the three Kings, Freddie, Albert & B.B.

In between there is a fair dose of 21st Century Chilterns, with original blues by Son Maxwell, and his reinterpretations of old blues classics like Evil and Shame, Shame, Shame. Fortunately they still sound an awful lot like 1950s Chicago; none of that noisy blues rock, thank you very much.

If you like your blues cool and yet, somehow, hot, The Shufflepack are your men.
They will be joined by The Mojo Mules

Blues Jam Wednesday 15th  February
Doors at 6:30 Masterclass at 7:30 and then the Jam starts soon after at 8pm.

Tues 21st Feb - Jimmy Regal & The Royals.

Review of live show at the 100 Club: They opened the show in spectacular style... Joff's harp playing is truly virtuoso. Whether on diatonic or chromatic, Joff is one of the finest blues, blue/rock harp players on the circuit. CJ's solos are understated yet sublimely elegant. Sammy's percussion is powerful and steady, and provides a hard-driving backdrop to each song. This is an excellent band, only just beginning to make its mark, but the trajectory is pointing upwards. There is much more to come. (Blues in Britain magazine)

Catch 66 will be opening the proceedings with an acoustic set.

Harmonica players. Those of you who have had harmonica lessons at The Stables, Wavendon may well already know the bands leader as Joff Watkins harmonica tutor

Tues 7th March - The Steve Summers band
Steve, most recently joined us as part of the Long Road Home band. This is his own band that Mark thought you deserved to see again.

Blues Jam Wednesday 15th March
Doors at 6:30 Masterclass at 7:30 and then the Jam starts soon after at 8pm.

Tues 21st March - Jon Walsh Trio
John is usually joined by a double bass player and I suspect he will also be joined by a harp player. I'll get more information closer the time.

Tues 4th April - Rag Mama Rag
Tues 11th April - Extra gig. John Doe Trio
Wed 12th April - Blues Jam
Tues 25th April - Liam Ward Band
Tues 9th May -  Fran McGillivray Band
Wed 10th May -  Blues Jam
Tues 23rd May -  Hugh Budden & the Blue Chords
Tues 6th June -  Robin Bibi
Wed 7th June - Blues Jam
Saturday 10th June - Blues Festival
(Get it in your diary - Acts to follow)
Tues 13th June - Big Dez
Tues 20th June - Blues Boy Kings